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Shipments and Facilities minimod



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Overview: More shipping destinations from Bobby Ray’s and Enhanced facilities.
The goal for this mod was game enhancement with player convenience and game balance in mind (I hope). It’s nothing huge, just XML and map editing, but I did put a lot of love in this so I hope you’ll enjoy.

Here’s the story;
Once you reach mid-game, you’ll probably have a base located at Cambria, San Mona or Grumm. The extended BR delivery locations make a player’s life easier (for a higher delivery price ofcorse).
Facilities are revamped and I added a few new ones. You now have a place to effectively train every stat. With some training you can put some of the new mercs to good use. Also, you now have a few more income options. And most importantly, I’ve extended the tooltips of Facility assignments so now you know exactly what each Facility does in-game.