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PENDING FEATURE: Massively Increased Teams


StatusVolatile Release

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I’ve begun increasing the possible number of soldiers that can exist at any time. As a result, we can have both a higher team size and have a lot more soldiers/militia/civilians/creatures in the sector at any given time. I’ve hired all AIM and all MERC personnel. For the Horde!!! Landing in Omerta takes a friggin long time. Plus every merc complains about those he hates, which takes another 5 minutes. Yeah… I stopped adding enemies after 90 or so. You get the point. Because I can, I filled Omerta with an extra 510 civilians. Because I can. Look at the minimap. Next turn was a bit annoying, as the enemy team was reinforced to 288 soldiers.

Hiring everybody takes bloody time. Did you know that hiring all of AIM costs over a million dollars?

Some of you will may that the maximum size of all teams combined until now was 255, as we stored the ID of soldiers in an UINT8 (it was in fact a bit smaller for reasons not relevant here). I’ve expanded this to UINT16. This will theoretically allow us to have 65535 soldiers in a sector at any given time (not that that would be practical). While I was at it (I had to touch at least 60% of all files by my estimation), I also cleaned up code a bit.

Now the thing is, I would like to have this in the trunk eventually. Not necessary in the 2014 stable. There are likely still legions of new bugs in this, due to the way things were coded (like, for example, a loop-variable being UINT8, which then causes an overflow and a possible endless loop when looping over all soldiers). I’ve seen really odd things^^. But it seems playable to me. For this reason, i am now releasing this as a volatile release. This means that I provide the exe (and a slightly changed ini) for this. You can then play with this as you like. The intention of this is that you people play with increased team sizes and get errors. Which you then report to me, so I can fix them and release an updated exe so you can stumble upon new errors. Until you don’t. At that point, I’ll integrate this into the trunk, and we’ll be happy ever after.

In this exe, there can be up to

  • 256 player mercenaries
  • 20 player vehicles
  • 512 enemy soldiers
  • 512 creatures
  • 512 militiamen
  • 512 civilians

present in tactical at the same time.