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New Merc: Max Payne


StatusRELEASED (r8570 & GameDir r2424)

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Thanks to Spinasso and Flugente contributions, we can now use Max Payne as yet another merc. He works just like my other mercs, but as that would fit the third game, can be found in the most run-down bar of Arulco (perhaps he wants to take care of yet another mob?). NPC recruitment phase isn’t the best (we were severely limited in sound and portrait choices), but he works just fine. A grumpy, alcoholic psycho that narrates some of his lines fits just in with the rest of our selection of wack jobs. We can justify a variety of traits for him – I went with the above, which makes him efficient with pretty much all firearms. In case he seems a bit weak, stat-wise, keep in mind that this is him at about the time of the third game, when he was a broken alcoholic that had already survived the first 2 games somehow.

You can of course change him in Mercprofiles.xml etc. – he has profile number 214.  At the moment we only have sound-files for Max Payne 3, which is somewhat limiting. I can’t really make any solid buddy or hate relationship with that.

As these mercs are obviously not from the Jagged Alliance lore, they won’t go into any official release.

You can get Max and the others from http://kermi.pp.fi/JA_2/Mods_v1.13/Flugente/Additional_Mercs/