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New Merc: Chaos Buns


StatusRELEASED (r8588 & GameDir r2430)

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As soon as Buns has acquired PTSD (thus disease being a requirement for this), she can be forced to change her personality. This happens if she is under immense shock (whenever she wants to switch to the cowering animation introduced by Headrock’s suppression). This normally happens under fire, but as seen in the video, a flashbang to the face also works. I recently allowed suppression to work outside of combat for this very reason.
There is a high chance to get PTSD in the first place by having an emotional trauma – which you get either by opinion being below 15, if you fall into a coma or take damage in coma (HP < 15) – or by receiving a serious head injury (WIS loss).
The personality change mechanism is not optional. Fuck options. If you don’t want this to happen, stop throwing your emotionally wrecked soldiers into a crossfire.

Her different personality lasts a few hours, she will then switch back to her normal persona. In the video she notifies you in both cases, the ‘On’ switch is rather… emotional. The personality switching method is similar to Larry, but the trigger is different (shock instead of drug consumption) and the duration is shorter (3-5 hours).
I’ve slightly altered the personality change – HP, AGI, DEX, STR, WIS and LVL are shared with both personalities, MEC, LDR, EXP, MARK and MED are different.

The wiz8 PC voices were for a ‘chaos’ character, which definitely shows:

She is obsessed with blood, so much that she’ll cut herself if she’s bored.
She refers to the power of chaos when you win a battle. And calls Mike the ‘dark savant’. She is a bit disappointed he doesn’t last.
She is very good with blades, as she has Athletics, Melee and and extra blade cth bonus. She prefers closer combat than normal, exchanging marksman for hunter.
She is not good at leading and has a malicious personality. Most mercs either hate or are scared of her. A few, mostly psychopaths like Reaper, are amused (she likes him now, of course). Razor… likely wants to marry her if she stays like this.
As far as her opinions on people go – she values competence, ruthlessness and high kill counts. Deranged beliefs in dark gods are a bonus at this point.
She is an even bigger sexist/snob/racist than normal. And no, she is not a good guy (it’s debatable whether even her milder original persona should have that, this one sure as hell doesn’t).
There weren’t good files for every single voice line – I had to take a few from original Buns – but it works well enough. As this is all Sirtech content, I’ve decided to add this to the trunk, for once.

Note that as this affects merc profiles, this will only work in new campaigns and won’t affect existing ones.

This is fully savegame compatible.
This has been added to the trunk in r8588 & GameDir r2430. Using the new exe without the new GameDir will cause your mom to hit you with a brutal bodyslam when you least expect it.