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New Feature: Administration Assignment


StatusRELEASED (r8665 & GameDir r2472)

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This most boring feature is to address the following issues:

  • We have a wide variety of mercenaries at our disposal, with widely differing talents. Most are good at combat. Some at training. Or doctoring. Or repairing. Or spying. Or shoveling graves. There are, however, a few mercs that barely qualify for anything *waves at early M.E.R.C. roster*. Would be neat if at least some of them had a specific talent.
  • The player themselves does all kinds of logistics/administering. While we can’t have the mercs do that, it would be neat, if only from a role-play perspective, if we could represent that in-game.

Flugente addressed this by adding a new assignment: Administration.

A merc on this new assignment will generate assignment points. These points are then calculated into a procentual increase in other merc’s efficiency at their assignments and evenly distributed. The first number on the portrait shows the percentage generated, the second one is the percentage for merc who receives this benefit. Due to technical reasons, the second number only takes into account the mercs who have been at their assignment long enough to count, so this isn’t immediately correct upon setting the assignment.

Shepard’s normal max points for training militia (84) are smaller than the number she currently has, 96, due to Lara and Sara boosting assignments in Drassen by 15%. Notice that Lara benefits others even though she is in another sector (C13 vs D13). For ease of use, the administration bonus is shard over all sectors in a town. Outside of towns it only works for the sector itself.

Most assignments benefit from this – they are:

  • any doctor task
  • any repair task
  • traing oneself, being a trainer, being student
  • training/drilling militia/workers
  • moving items
  • staffing facilities
  • spreading rumous
  • interrogation
  • fortification
  • burial
  • diagnosing/treating disease


The maximum bonus one can reach is limited by an ini value. As the points are distributed, obviously the benefits are smaller if more mercs share them between them.