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Class specific gun and item choices



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As I felt like doing boring, tedious work, we now have the possibility to use different gun and item choice tables for soldier classes. Specifically,

  • administrators use GunChoices_Enemy_Admin.xml and ItemChoices_Enemy_Admin.xml
  • redshirts use GunChoices_Enemy_Regular.xml and ItemChoices_Enemy_Regular.xml
  • blackshirts use GunChoices_Enemy_Elite.xml and ItemChoices_Enemy_Elite.xml
  • green militia use GunChoices_Militia_Green.xml and ItemChoices_Militia_Green.xml
  • regular militia use GunChoices_Militia_Regular.xml and ItemChoices_Militia_Regular.xml
  • elite militia use GunChoices_Militia_Elite.xml and ItemChoices_Militia_Elite.xml

…and the old EnemyGunChoices.xml and EnemyItemChoices.xml are used as a backup, should we ever look for a gun/item for someone not of these classes (should never happen, but safety first).
This allows modders to finetune gun selections. For example, one could use old WW1 stuff for admins, AKs for redshirts and funky NATO guns for the blackshirts. Or equip the enemy with WP and your militia with NATO calibers. Or reserve NVGs to the elite only. Or whatever you like. Usage is just like the normal gun/item choices work.