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New Feature: Campaign History


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After a long campaign, I sometimes look at the laptop page of each merc, remembering all the battles I forced them into. Although one does a lot in Arulco, nothing of those deeds ever stays behind. Some sort of… report… of what one did there, perhaps with some sort of commentary, would be nice. As I like details of what I did, I’d also like to know some stuff – how many tons of ammunition did I use up?

Well, now I can (and you too). The Arulco Press Council has started work, and offers all that on its website. The basic idea is that this organisation collects data about the battles fought in Arulco. That can be their reporters from international newspapers, analysts from R.I.S., or even press releases from the official Ministry for Arulcan Information Distribution or the Arulco Revolutionary Movement.

Data about every battle you fight is collected. This always results in one newspaper report, and a small collection of notable data. You can also see some general data about your consumption of goods.

Some battles are so important that they get their own special report. These can be set in TableData/CampaignStatsEvent.xml, the corresponding Pictures are in Data/Laptop/CampaignStats/events.sti. They refer to special events (like the initial invasion Omerta, the first liberation of a city, losing a city an some important quest). The idea is that these can be edited by a modder.