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Anti-materiel ammo



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What is the point of having anti-materiel rifles if they don’t damage, well, stuff? Fixed that. There is now a new property in AmmoTypes.xml:

#define AMMO_ANTIMATERIEL 0x00000004 //4 // this ammo is anti-materiel, bullets can destroy structures

set in the xml as 4. I switched the .50 BMG and 12.7x108mm ammo to this new type, as all guns using them are big-ass anti-materiel rifles.

If a gun fires ammo with this tag, it can destroy structures on the map. How much damage is done depends on the weapon’s impact. Certain structures cannot be damaged by this, like specially reinforced walls etc. It would be cool to have states between ‘wall exists’ and ‘wall is atomized’. I do realize that 3 shots don’t vaporize a wall, but that’s the ‘engine’ we’re stuck with. It also does not take that many shots to bring down a wall (if your gun can damage it in the first place), as structure hit points are… small. Nevertheless, some people might now find other uses for those ridiculous rifles apart from weightlifting.

This was added to the trunk in r7069 and GameDir r1984.