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AIMNAS X-mas Release

ModderSmeagol & Team


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Q: What’s the latest AIMNAS version?

A: AIMNAS XMAS Release, which was released on 24th Dec. 2013.

Q: What the hell IS AIMNAS anyways?

A: It’s an Item mod for JA2 1.13, adding something between 1200 and 1400 items to the basic 1.13. It is also the only mod at this point of time that uses the big maps project.

Q: HOLY CRAP… 1200 items??? Whoa… is there a list of those???

A: Yupp.. check out the XML editor or the Gun liston page 1 of the latest AIMNAS main thread. For a sortable list of items check Jen’s JA2 site.

Q: Can I finally play a full campaign with big maps?

A: Not yet. So far around 80 maps are done (rows A – E). I hope to get a few more maps done next year.

Q: I can`t find any items hidden in maps. What’s up with that?

A: Don’t bother searching, there are no items at the moment in the maps. Instead it is highly recommended to play with “drop all” enabled.

Q: Is it stable?

A: As stable as it gets. You might encounter a few graphic glitches in some maps, but those are hard to get rid off and are often times not reproducable. These glitches usually disappear, when you leave and re-enter tactical view.

How big are AIMANS BigMaps? Ever seen a Jpeg 6 meters long and 1 meter tall?

How big are AIMNAS BigMaps? Ever seen a Jpeg 6 meters long and 1 meter tall? Click the image above if you dare…