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A.I. medics and officers



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Enemy soldiers are pretty nondescript. Whether or not they become a primary target for us mainly depends on the threat (=gun) they pose. Boring. We also do not know that until they use this. More boring. Even worse, observing what the enemy does does not result in any additional information on them. Boo-oring.

Another problem is that in the few cases where an enemy should become a high-value target (mortar guys, snipers, radio operators) we do not know that until its too late. We can use tooltips, but that might feel like cheating, and we have to hover over each guy, which is tedious.

I’ve now changed that. Now, if your mercs see an enemy, they might gain a bit of information on him. If your team has collected enough information, they know his role. Think of it as seeing a guy with an antenna, and then deducting that he might be the guy that radioed artillery on your squad. Or the other guy, with that shiny uniform and the medals? He might be an officer of sorts. Taking him out might sow confusion among enemy ranks.