What is Bear’s Pit

Bear’s Pit community has been established more than a decade ago, in the year 2000, as a social hub for the fans of the acclaimed “Jagged Alliance” TBS game series.

Founded on the most unlikely long-distance friendship between Bearpit & Shanga (an Australian and a Romanian), the community has attracted thousands and thousands of gamers from all over the world, with audiences stretching from US to Russia and from Finland to China. Driven by unlimited passion for the game and equally by its striving to stay alive in a world swamped by cheap and shallow products, the fans begun to work on their own modifications for JA2. These simple hacks soon turned into major projects and produced true gems such as “JA2 Deidranna Lives!” or the epic complete rewrite of the game: “JA2 Urban Chaos”.

Soon after the source code for JA2 was released, the Bear’s Pit reinvented itself the largest hub for modding talent. We’ve setup the “source hackers” group called “The Whitehats” and invited everyone with a C++ experience to poke at the code and improve it. Based on the research of the Whitehats new teams of focused modders were formed and the “JA2 v1.13” project was born. Countless groups of talented programmers and artists have created amazing v1.13 masterpieces that are still played today and are as loved as the original game and thus kept “Jagged Alliance” in the hearts and minds of new generations.

Nowdays we’re hosting JA2 v1.13 modding projects and they never stop coming! And in the meantime we’re preparing for the much-awaited “JA Flashback” revival of the series, a project we can proudly say helped to be delivered into this world through Kickstarter crowd-funding.

Join us and be part of a great history!

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