The Pit gets a New(s) face

Although it’s pretty obvious we’re not in Kansas anymore if you’re reading this post here, yes, we’ve expanded from a simple welcome page for the forum to a full-blown site. The default UBB news portal we’ve been using proved to be quite a successful tool and I’ve decided to give it a real value and usability. So it’s now a full WordPress site, partially fed by the forum (as the portal is), partially with original content.

For ages the biggest gripe our forum members had was the huge amount of unfiltered information the forum has. And using the forum software itself it’s hard to organize anything. The new portal is aimed at preserving and presenting the important stuff in a concise manner and hopefully it would be of use to those who seek access to the newest works published. While JA Galaxy is our repository for general gaming stuff, such as guides, news and interviews, the Pit will be focused on modding news. And we hope we’ll have a lot to cover.

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