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Strategic militia command


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Mobile militia is next to useless, especially as it wanders around in random directions. No more! I’ve added the ability to order them around in the map screen.

‘Bad’ stuff first: you don’t get this ability for free (it is my deep conviction that powerful abilities need some sort of drawback to maintain balance). After all, only someone with a good outlook on the overall strategic situation and the necessary leadership skills should be allowed to send scores of loyal troops to their death victory. So the Alma military HQ gets a new facility assignment: Command Militia. Only experienced mercs with high enough leadership and wisdom (lvl 5, WIS 70, LDR 70) are up to this task. Only when someone is at this task (and awake sleep ) can you order militia around on the map.

How do you move militia then? Make sure Show Militia & Enemies(Z) is toggled. Then select the sector of the militia you want to move. You can then order them into an adjacent sector by pressing W, A, S or D. This isn’t possible if one cannot move to the other sector, or if RESTRICT_ROAMING is TRUE and militia is forbidden from a sector. If the order was successful, a green arrow will indicate where the militia will move.