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Sexism! Racism! Needless hate!



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For a game that calls itself Jagged Alliance, relations between mercenaries are pretty easygoing. Sure, everyone hates up to 3 people, but that is not much, considering the number of people we have… Apart from that, our mercenaries are a happy bunch, provided you fulfill your daily quota of massacres.

Well, no more of that happy hippie-ing! Sirtech originally planned to include sexism, racism and other human relation stuff. They created the variables and even filled the old profile data with it, but it got left out of the game… at least it is not used anywhere in the code I know (apart from a small section revived by Headrock). But the entries are still there in old files… So I simply made them work. They will now influence the hourly morale update of our mercs. There are now a bunch of new tags in MercProfiles.xml:

  • <bRace> is your race: WHITE = 0, BLACK = 1, ASIAN = 2, ESKIMO = 3, HISPANIC = 4,
  • <bNationality> is your nationality, <bHatedNationality> is what nationality you hate (-1 for no hate); more can be coded very easy.
  • <bAppearance> sets your appearance: average = 0, ugly = 1, homely = 2, attractive = 3, total babe = 4
  • <bRefinement> determines how distinguished you are: average = 0, slob = 1, snob = 2
  • <bAppearanceCareLevel>, <bRefinementCareLevel> and <bHatedNationalityCareLevel> determine how much you care about one aspect: not at all = 0, somewhat = 1, extremely = 2
  • <bRacist> is how racist you are against everyone of any other race: none = 0, some = 1, very = 2
  • <bSexist> is ho sexist you are: none = 0, some = 1, very = 2, and with 3 you are a gentle(wo)man. Being a gentleman does not result in morale modifiers on other genders, but they get a morale drop if you marry away teammates against their will in a certain quest.

Depending on all these settings, each merc will have a much more finetuned opinion on other people. Some opinions will rise (sexists favour attractive members of the other gender), but most of the stuff is negative. Yes, this will mean that dumping Fox into a squad of male sexists will boost their morale. As will dumping Danny into a female party, as he’s a total babe, says the game.