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New Merc: Lara Croft



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Because a somewhat deranged, tomb-desecrating millionaire mass-murderer (with boobs!) definitely fulfills the ‘jagged’ part, Flugente made the infamous Tomb Raider a recruitable mercenary. This is the same idea as with his Commander Shepard merc – a fully new merc with voice files from the games, complete with xml stuff and so on.

Ingame background: after two deeply traumatizing adventures in the pacific, Syria (how did that seem like a good idea in 2015?) and Siberia, and way too many skinned animals, butchered cult soldiers and destroyed UNESCO heritage sites, Lara took the next logical step and joined A.I.M.. Not for money though – her bio addressees that. It seems she has taken a liking to this lifestyle. Or is it perhaps just as a way to visit ancient ruins in remote, war-ridden countries all over the world? Who knows.

She is definitely a merc with good abilities, but also some drawbacks:
She is very good at anything involving movement (especially anything involving heights) and survival. This would be a merc that would do well in the country side. However, she still hasn’t had a formal military training. Her marksmanship isn’t up-to-par (it’s the easiest stat to raise though, and she is a good learner). Her background and personality (Intellectual) make her especially prone to suppression, and she is rather uncomfortable in cities. This is not a merc you’d put directly in the thickest of the fighting. Because it fits my narrative (and because usable files weren’t as many as I’d like), she is prone to… let’s call it mood swings. Normally she’s a rather well-spoken, timid person, but in combat she can easily unlock Buzz-like levels of shouting. This fits with her not being trained for combat and easily getting tense. Plus she’s also a psycho. Her traits are somewhat debatable. While Athleticism and Survival are rather definite, the third slot is rather open. I went for Ambidextrous here, as a nod to the older games. Auto Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Gunslinger, Hunter, Hand-to-Hand, Stealthy, Bodybuilding and Scouting could all be justified depending on your interpretation. The gear kits are mostly inspired by games. The Survival kit (from the video) is a new one, which mostly fits the while ‘survivor’ vibe.

As Lara’s interactions with people mostly consists of her murdering them in gruesome fashion (the whole ‘It was self-defense!’-excuse gets a bit stale after arrow-murder #534)), it’s not easy to make up any buddy-hate relationships. I’ve made Sidney her buddy, as he comes from the same social circles and could easily be a character from the games. She learns to like Ira – just like her, Ira got thrown into conflict in a foreign country without a clear idea of what happens, but the desire to help. And she hates Rev. While absolutely not against Gods and such, due to past events, she has a very strong dislike to loud, dishonest priests with a history of violence.

For obvious reasons this will not go into any official release – not part of 1.13 or anything. This is totally unrelated to 1.13.

For convenience, this is bundled together with Cmdr. Shepard. You can get FemShep&TombRaider V1.3 here.