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New game mechanic: Covert Operations



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This new game mechanic allows you to disguise your mercs. They can disguise as civilians or soldiers. They will then not be detected by the enemy, as long as they do not raise suspicion. This is very strongly tied to the new ‘covert ops’ trait (new trait system only). A merc without this trait can only disguise as a civilian, and will be automatically detected if he comes to near to a soldier. You will be discovered if:

  • you attack anyone, plant bombs, pick locks etc.
  • as civilian:
    • you have any weapons, armour or explosives that are not hidden
    • you have any camouflage
    • you behave uncivilian-like
    • you are in a restricted sector, like Orta. Civs will be shot on sight here.
  • as a soldier
    • you target ‘fellow’ soldiers with your gun
    • you are drunk
    • you are close an only have the first level of this trait
    • your equipment is better than what one would expect from a typical soldier
    • you carry a suspicious amount of weapons

These are just some of the conditions for exposure.

There are also some special items for this feature:

    • civilian clothes is a new item with which you can disguise yourself as a civilian
    • a garotte is a devastating close combat weapon that can instantly kill someone… if the target is unaware, and you are familiar with this.
    • a neurotoxin dart will inject a devious drug into the target and kill him a few turns later
    • items can now be covert, which excempts them from detection. This works on guns as well as on LBE items itself. So a ‘covert’ revolver holster can hide any revolver in it.

Not that as the enemy checks our inventory, and as LBE gear can hide gear, this feature will work as intended only with NIV. In order to make it work for OIV, I have to adjust the inventory checks (no LBE), so hiding equipment gets much harder… really, just play with NIV 🙂

Corpses can now be picked up and dropped. They will keep their colours, skin, hair etc. This is recommended to use, as being seen near a fresh corpse will cause you to be discovered.