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New Feature: Tripwire-triggered mines, directional mines (claymore), mines display, layered hierarchic



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This mod ads quite a bit of functionality on the system of how explosives are planted, controlled and how they work. There is now a new item, tripwire. Tripwire can be planted just like regular mines. The important thing is that once someone steps onto tripwire, it will activate other tripwires that are on an adjacent tile (those tiles that share an edge with the tile).  As other tripwires get activated and activate others themselves, a chain reaction takes place. The important twist to that: You can add a tag to bombs and mines that allows planted explosives to be activated this way, too. By this technique, stepping onto tripwire activates a ‘network’ of tripwire that detonates explosives along the network (if you made such a network, of course).

Once tripwire was activated, it is revealed. To activate again, it must be planted again. Tripwire can be defused, however, failing to defuse it will result will activate it. Planting tripwire gives less experience than planting explosives. If you have a wirecutter in your hands, you receive a bonus if you defuse an item that gets activated by tripwire. Double bonus if the item is tripwire.