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New Feature: Private Military Companies



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In the increasingly grim darkness of the presence, there is more and more war. And that means business. Business which private military companies are a part of. And since there is money to be made in Arulco as well, they want to be a part of that. A.I.M. and M.E.R.C. are already there and offer a selection of more or less competent mercenaries. Now a new company has entered the fray.

  • Some time after you have trained militia, Kerberus will offer its services to you.
  • On their website, you can order security personnel from them. These will act as militia ingame.
  • They require a high down payment and will be treated like militia afterwards.
  • It takes 24 hours for them to travel to Arulco.
  • They can only enter the country in certain entry sectors. That would be sectors containing facilities like airports, ports and border posts.
  • The sector they are ordered to has to be under your control when you hire them.
  • You can define how many militia Kerberus has at maximum, they will slowly replenish their forces as they train new personnel.
  • If you use militia equipment, then they will arrive without equipment, and it will be your job to equip them.
  • At the moment, they don’t offer contracts for individual mercs like A.I.M. and M.E.R.C. do. Perhaps that will change one day?

Kerberus is basically a trade-off: You save time and manpower on training experienced militia for a huge pile of money. Their entry points are limited – just Drassen and Meduna airport in stock 1.13, though I know a certain modder who wants to expand these entry points in his mod. If you want them to travel where the action is, I recommend the use of radio operators and strategic militia command.

This has been added to the trunk in r7457 and GameDir r2130. It is fully savegame compatible. The GameDir is required for this exe, otherwise you will get an error from missing pictures/email text when using this feature.