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New Feature: New Drug System



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This is an overhaul to the drug system. You can now select several drug components and build your own drugs from them.

<ubType> is the number of the component, the specific effects are hard-coded (couldn’t externalize those, or I’d need A LOT more tags).
<ubDrugTravelRate> determines how fast the drug comes to its full effect.
<ubDrugWearoffRate> determines how fast the drug effect will wear out.
<ubDrugEffect> measures the effect a drug has. As long as this value is > 0 the drug will have its main effect.
<ubDrugSideEffect> measures the drugs side effect. This starts once <ubDrugEffect> hits 0. This starts the second effect, which is mostly negative.
<ubDrugSideEffectRate> determines how fast the side effect will wear out.
<ubMoralBacklash> determines if there will be a morale drop once the <ubDrugEffect> hits 0.

So, in the above example, we have a drug that will have its ubDrugEffect raised by 4 every turn, until it hits 15. Then, every turn that value is lowered by 2. Once the ubDrugEffect is below 0, we lose a bit of morale, and the side effect starts at 20. This is again lowered by 2 every turn.


I made 4 new drugs to test this out. For example, the new drug ‘Occulin’ has a <DrugType>425984</DrugType>. This gives it the effects of DRUG_BLIND, DRUG_VISION and DRUG_TUNNELVISION. I’ve set the effects so that

  • once you take the drug, your sight range increases 10%
  • once the side effect starts, your sight range is lowered 10% nad you get up to 25% tunnelvison
  • Once that is over, you are blinded for 2 turns

Other drugs I made have the effect of raising strength, but having the risk of a heart attack, as well as your merc becoming a psychopath. But you can think of drugs of your own, become an alchemist with the <DrugType>-tag.