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New Feature: IMP gear selection



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The IMP creation process has come a long way since 1.00. Back then, it was a quiz, and the answers you gave influenced what traits and items you got. Nowadays things are different. We select traits, personality, disabilities and other things directly. This allows us to finetune the IMPs to our liking. What always somewhat annoyed me (and I assume others too) were the items one got. They depend on ItemChoices.xml, but this also involves randomness. One can never be sure what you get. If one wants an IMP to get specific items, one has to basically

  • clean the xml,
  • add the items one wants (multiple times in case of ammo!),
  • save the xml,
  • start the game,
  • create the IMP (and hope you did not miss anything in the xml)
  • save the game.


If you want multiple IMPs, do that process again for ech and every one. Phew. This stinks.  Well, no more of that. As of r7529, we now have the IMP gear selection. At the end of the IMP creation process, you will be asked on wether you want to get you gear via the old method, or the new one:



This allows you to pick your weapons, LBE gear, armour and other items how you want to. Which items can be selected depends on ItemChoices.xml (this is the input) and the traits you have selected. How high your stats are is not evaluated, because f*** that. People edit the xml for that very reason – because they are unhappy with the selection. If you select expensive gear, you will have to pay the additional cost – if the cost is below the IMP cost, it is free. Might sound odd, but is less odd than the current system where you get everything for free.

This has been added to the trunk in r7529 and is fully savegame compatible. GameDir >= r2152 is required, as new images were added. Using a lower GameDir will cause the government to spy on you.


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