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New Feature: Dynamic dialogue


StatusAdded to the trunk in r7297 and GameDir r2059

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A logical continuation of dynamic opinions, this feature allows mercs to talk to each other whenever something changes their opinion on each other. For example, if Fidel shoots a civilian, another merc might object to that. Fidel can then either admit his guilt or deny it – at which point other mercs can interject and voice their opinion. These reactions can then influence opinions further. If an IMP takes part in this, the player can even choose in what direction you want to move this talk, but only has a short time for this (this is inspired by Alpha Protocol, which has the most awesome dialogue an relationship system ever in an action game).

Ini settings:

[Dynamic Dialogue Settings]
; In this section you can specify wether mercs talk to each other

; if DYNAMIC_OPINIONS is TRUE, mercs will comment on each other.
; This can happen whenever something influences their relationship
; Mercs will accuse each other of doing something - or compliment them. Other mercs can then react and choose answers
; depending on their relations and personality
; If an IMP interejcts, the player has a short time to select the kin of response he wants to give.

; the dialogue boxes will stay on for x milliseconds