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New Feature: Disease



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Part 1: Mercenary diseases

Considering that Arulco is a war-torn, backwater country with a stunning total of two doctors and one nurse for the entire country (one of them might even get shanghaied), it is suprising how healthy the people are. Apart from the occasions where outside mercenaries massacre every one that is.

Well, no more of that! I’ve added a new feature to take care of that. Thus begins a new age of suffering, pain and sorrow

Those of you whose immediate reaction will be along the lines of Dafuq?! Why do we need that? Why are you wasting your time not coding what I want? I don’t want this can relax. This is a fully optional feature, as ususal, and will be off by default. Your mercs will only die by Ebolaface this new challenge if you want them to smile

A person gets a disease if he gets infected with it. The following infection methods exist:

  • Infection by simply being in a swamp or tropical sector – swamps have dirty water with who-knows-what in it, and both have insects that sting
  • Sex. Sex between mercs isn’t possible, because who would code something as unnecessary as that, but as you know, there are other methods…
  • Wounds caused by animals can lead to quite nasty infections.
  • Wounds caused by gunfire, melee weapons, blade weapons, explosions and other niceties can lead to equally nasty infections.
  • Critical wounds that cause stat loss (AGI/DEX/STR/WIS) can lead to long-lasting maladies. If you’re extremely unlucky, this could even be permanent!
  • Traumatic events might not cause physical harm, but we can damage the psyche as well. Yoiks!
  • Eating spoiled food and stale water is the quickest way to get a number of surprises.
  • Many diseases spread by human contact. This means that one infected teammate can infect others! Note that a doctor can be infected by a patient much easier, as they operate so closely.
  • You might not want to get your hands into rotting corpses that much… do you know whats in there? Stuff!

If you get infected, you might not immediately notice! Many diseases linger in your body and break out much later. They will then continue to grow up to a certain point, and any of their symptoms will rise linear to their growth.

Speaking of symptoms, these are the effects that you can suffer from:

  • stat effectivity of AGI/DEX/STR/WIS and effective level can be lowered.
  • AP can be lowered.
  • Maximum breath can be lowered.
  • Carrying gear can become harder.
  • You might need to sleep a lot more.
  • To simulate vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration, food and water consumption can be increased dramatically if you play with Food.
  • Diseases are not pretty. Other teammates might be disgusted by it (requires dynamic opinions).
  • Last but definetly not least, your health regeneration can be lowered, even to negative values! This might lead to you losing health every hour. This can lead to death if not treated!

Diseases affect all humans… if you want, this can also happen in the game. There is the possibility that one disease can also infect and spread among the non-merc population. By default, this is the first disease, the arulcan plague.  There are many ways to contract this, and it can sperad very fast. Thankfully it can be healed relatively easy. But beware, the health loss is tremendous!