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Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira

ModderTeam Night Ops


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The talented team who brought us the “Night Ops” mod for JA2 now has struck again. They’ve just announced the beta-release of their newest creation: “Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira”, a remake of the original forefather of the the JA series on the JA2 platform. If you fancy a visit to Metavira, head on to “JA 1/2 Metavira” forum and give the guys a hand at killing both bugs and bandits.


In case you haven’t yet played JA1 let us get you up to speed: the game takes place on a small island – Metavira, located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Nuclear tests that were carried out on the island in the past have given rise to the growth of an unusual type of tree. The so-called “Fallow” trees produce an extremely valuable sap, which can be used to produce medicines. Some events on the island have set control over research and production of high-value commodities in danger. The player with the team of mercenaries from the partially restored old AIM now have to resolve the situation and regain control of the island.