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In the grimdark future of the 41st millenium, war has engulfed the entire galaxy. Mankind finds itself in a constant struggle against vile aliens, traitors an worse. On numerous planets, the Imperium has to defend itself against all kinds of threats. Wether it be massive forgeworlds, or small backwater planets… One of those numerous conflicts takes place on the small, nondescript world of Arulco. The archenemy, the traitourous forces of chaos, have taken over the planet, led by the unkindly Deidranna. Arulco itself has hardly any important assets (the only notable industry is silver mining), thus did not warrant the deployment of massed Imperial guard forces, let alone Space Marines.

All hopes of the oppressed population now lies in the hands of a small loyalist force that just landed on the planet. Mercenaries, ex-guardsmen from a dozen regiments, criminals, take your pick. Can they do the impossible, and free Arulco from within? Or will their ragtag band of mercenaries an soldiers of fortune be shattered… or even degenerate to become just another warband themselves? You’ll find out, as you’ll lead them.

This mod brings a bit of Warhammer 40K to Jagged Alliance.