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Helicopter drops anywhere



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Although Skyrider says he’ll never fly you into hostile sectors, he always did. I found this ‘feature’ to be a nice addition, but barely useable in sectors with more than a handful of enemies… He always your mercs in one pack into the middle of the sector, which is a suicidal approach.  While we can now choose to drop our guys on the edge of a sector, I wasn’t fully happy with that, so i added a new option:


will now allow you, when entering combat in a sector with mercs who have just exited the helicopter, to place them anywhere on the map. As they all come from the same helicopter, they can only be placed as a group.

When you then enter the sector, they will enter combat at the chosen location by roping from the helicopter, just like they do on Day 1 in Omerta. They can also land on (accessible) roofs. Landing on cliffs would also be possible, but as you can then not leave the sector again, I forbid that. Yup, this is very useful and can be used to ambush the AI. No fear. I’m thinking whether it’d be reasonable to allow the AI to damage the helicopter in these conditions, since it flies so low… we’ll see about that.  

While doing this, I fixed entry points in non-standard-sized maps (read: Bigmaps) for multiplayer. In case you ever did that and wondered where the heck your mercs started.

This does NOT break savegame compatibility and has been added to the trunk in r6576 and GameDir r1861.