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Equip your militia



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This feature allows you to equip militia (duh!). To be precise, militia will simply take its items from the sector inventory instead of generating it according to the xmls. This allows you to give them gear that is way above what they would normally get – but this also means that if you don’t provide any gear, then the militia wont have any. Plus any gear they use, you cannot use at the same time(duhx2!…).

Simply activate this feature, drop gear in a sector, and spawn militia there. If you enter this sector (tactical), you will see that the militia uses your stuff. But in the strategic map, the gear isn’t there any more, as the militia took it. If you leave the sector, they will put it back. You can also ‘inspect’ militia in tactical, this will cause them to drop all gear they took from the sector.

As people will probably demand it anyway (because they cannot handle ‘real’ logistics 🙂 ), one can finetune which parts of militia gear should still be generated randomly, and which ones are taken from the sector.