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Enemy and militia profiles



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A new feature made for the KS campaign is the introduction of enemy and militia profiles (http://www.ja-galaxy-forum.com/board/ubbthreads.php/topics/319379.html). In several new xmls you can define the name, visuals and traits of enemy soldiers and militia. Enemies and militia will then be drawn from these pools. No profile can appear twice at once. If the pool is empty, soldiers are generated as usually.

This gives you the ability to add a bit of personality to nameless grunts. The traits one specifies are the minimum amount, traitslots left open can be filled from the game. The usual STOMP rules for 3 traits apply (enemies can only get up to 3 traits, and only up to 2 major traits. This works with new traits only!

There are 6 new xmls in the new folder TableData/Profiles:

  • SoldierProfileEnemyAdmin.xml, SoldierProfileEnemyRegular.xml and SoldierProfileEnemyElite.xml are settings for enemies
  • SoldierProfileMilitiaGreen.xml, SoldierProfileMilitiaRegular.xml an SoldierProfileMilitiaVeteran.xml are the settings for militia

You can turn this feature on/off via the Ja2Options.ini settings.