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Description Box enhancement: Compare Items



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With ridiculous amount of items introduced in 1.13 and other mods, possibly multiplied by “Drop All” option, looting selecting the best equipment for your mercs might become a chore and lead to useful gear left behind. Now, when Ctrl key is pressed, statistics of any item displayed in Description Box will change to show comparison with another items in sector inventory, allowing for quick revision of available equipment.


Two items can be compared, if they belong to the same class, with exception of:
– armor items can be compared only if they are of the same type (vest vs vest, helmet vs helmet, no point in comparing item if it can’t be replaced by),
– weapons can be compared with any other weapon (including throwing knives vs guns, knives vs blunt weapons, etc.),
– explosives – bombs can be compared with grenades too (makes sense since TNT can be armed and thrown too).

Buggler – idea and testing.