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Apply items to other persons



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As it was requested a few times, and offers a few new reasonable possibilities, I made a new addition to the code. It is now possible to apply items to other persons. It works pretty easy: Put the item in the hand of a merc, rightclick and then hover with your mouse over another person, and leftclick to apply. Just like mining/picking up items etc..

This works with:

  • drugs
  • clothes
  • canteens (not non-canteen like food items)
  • camo
  • gasmasks (if no gasmask is worn)(if no slot is free, one item is dropped).
  • bombs (really. With remote detonators and everything transform )

Other items would be possible too, but I have to check this on a case-to-case basis. I will however not allow reloading, as that would be an obvious exploit.

One can apply items to anybody. This includes the enemy. Against hostiles there is a chance to fail – the chance depends on:

  • exp levels
  • dexterity
  • stealth trait (new trait system only)
  • out target’ alert status
  • and most important of all, the weight of an item.

Sneaking up behind someone and injecting a syringe into him is relatively easy (poison drug, anyone?). Running headlong into the enemy and trying to put a claymore into his pockets is relatively hard.