The Rude One Always Writes…
The Rude One Always Writes…

Robert Dunlap passed away before his 53rd birthday. He was an inspiration and a driving force inside the MOD Squad, the team of modders that create JA2 Urban Chaos, one of the most downloaded and acclaimed “Jagged Alliance 2” sequels. Rob, personified in JA2UC as Rude Dog (his forum alter ago), was the kind of man who wore his big heart on the outside. His beta testing runs of Urban Chaos were epic moments of laughter, written in a form and style between sheer talent and insanity. From the archives we managed to save a few of those and we share them with you now. Rough, raw and uncut, right as he posted them back in August 2003.

In memory of Rob “Rude Dog” Dunlap.

Good-bye my friend, until we meet again. We will never forget.
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The Rude One Always Writes

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