Rebuilding Omerta in JA:F Editor

As you all know FC just released their map editor. Since this was a stretch goal that wasn’t even funded and a grand goodwill gesture towards modders, I grabbed the chance to test the new toy and started replicating known JA2 sectors with it. The ultimate goal is to have a gameplay comparison in a […]

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Being your own boss…

Is it wrong to dream that one day Jagged Alliance will be so popular one would be able to make a living just by hosting a JA community, streaming JA, modding and in general doing the thing we (me and Fred) did for the last 15 years? Don’t know, really, but Patreon just made that […]

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The Pit gets a New(s) face

Although it’s pretty obvious we’re not in Kansas anymore if you’re reading this post here, yes, we’ve expanded from a simple welcome page for the forum to a full-blown site. The default UBB news portal we’ve been using proved to be quite a successful tool and I’ve decided to give it a real value […]

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