Free Special Edition JA:F Alpha desktop background
Free Special Edition JA:F Alpha desktop background

Here it is. Story goes like this: I was streaming JA:F alpha and was showing the map to the viewers. I have just modded the B13 map to use low light settings, close to dusk. While passing over the jungle area in B13 I came across the most amazing light show (which if I had not lowered the light I would’ve probably missed). Everyone had a OMG moment, so I decided to feature this particular spot so hard that every jungle map would end up looking like this.

You got to admit, it has everything you’d expect from a jungle sector… the shadows, the sun creeping in from above, the palm trees, everything! So there you go, put this up as your desktop background and when you look at JA:F maps you will have something great to compare them against. The background is 1920×1060 so it should scale fine on all monitors.


Click the picture to open the full res file, rclick and save that in My Pictures and go from there.

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