• Become a Bear's Pit patron! Fund the dream!

    Become a Bear's Pit patron! Fund the dream!

    Patreon gave us a great way to keep track and reward our generous donors. Starting today you can become a patron of Bear's Pit and make sure the dream keeps going for 15 more years! Read more
  • Feed the Bears

    Feed the Bears

    If you're in a generous mood or just want to contribute financially to the well-being of this community, all donations are appreciated. And we thank you in advance for it! Read more
  • Bear Gear Shop

    Bear Gear Shop

    Bear's Pit unique gear. Only for the most special and dedicated members. Powered by Zazzle. Read more
  • Bear Discord Server

    Bear Discord Server

    Bear's Pit is now on DIscord too. Click the link to get an instant invite to our server! Read more
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